jmp 0xc0ffee is a CTF club organised by the Security Espresso Bucharest community.

Learn with us!

Cyber security is an intersection of many IT fields and is often shrouded in mystery. Here at jmp 0xc0ffee we are trying to debunk myths and offer a possible approach in learning the art of exploitation.

During our sessions we will touch on a range of subjects including Cryptography, Web exploitation, Binary Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics and many others! You can learn more in the events section.

Join the club!

We’re currently looking for new members. If you’re interested in taking part follow this link:!


You can send us an email at! Other options are sending us a message on our facebook page at and joining our telegram channel at


Event 1

8th of December, 2018

To be announced by email :)

Event 0

24th of November, 2018

During the first event we’re going to get to know each other and set out the club’s goals. We’ll take a look at what CTFs are and show you a few demos of solutions to interesting tasks we encountered in recent competitions. Bringing a laptop is not mandatory this time, though it will most probably be for the following events. Be sure to register using the google form above to take part!