If you want to contribute to the jmp 0xc0ffee writeup collection you can do so by following these quick steps:

1. Fork this repo on Github

The first thing you’ll have to do is fork securityespresso/writeups so that you’ll have an identical repo that you’re allowed to modify.

2. Add yourself to the author list

After that you should add yourself to the author list by editing _data/authors.yml and adding an entry such as the example one below. Keep in mind that the first handle will be the one you will have to use to claim your writeups. You can skip the email field if you wish, we just need one handle for everything to work ok.

... other authors ...

- email:
    - GreenOrange
    - gr33n0r4ng3

3. Add your writeup

Considering you’ve already written your writeup in Github-Flavored Markdown, you just need to add some metadata at the beginning of the file so that Jekyll knows how to handle it. Here’s an example:

title: YAPS
contest: TimCTF Finals 2018
authors: trupples
layout: writeup

... writeup contents, without title header ...

Change the title, contest and authors fields as necessary. A header with the task title, author and contest will be automatically generated by the writeup layout, so if your writeup starts with a title heading with the task name you should delete that.

If multiple people worked on this writeup, set the authors field to everyone’s handles separated by commas. Try to keep the contest field identical to the CTF name on

Now just place the writeup in the _writeups/name-of-the-contest/ folder! (create it if it doesn’t exist)

If you also need other files such as images in your writeup, create a folder that has the same name as the writeup file, just without the .md extension and place the images in there!

4. Commit, push, pull request

Awesome, you’re almost there! The last step is pushing the changes to your fork of the repo and then submitting a Pull Request. We’ll be sure to take a look and check that it’s all ok as quickly as possible.